Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Please Don't Squash the Wonder

I just finished a brilliant novel, Rules of Civility, by Amor Towles. As I drew near the end of this fantastic story, I came across a conversation in the book between two characters about a third character. I've been unable to shake part of that conversation. Here's what they said:

"What he's got they can't teach in schools. They can squash it, maybe; but they sure can't teach it."
"And what's that?"

As tempting as it is to rant about all I see in American education that has quashed, is squashing and will squash our kids' wonder, I won't. Rather, I'll make one statement and ask one question.  As an educational leader responsible for the intellectual well-being of an entire building full of students, I feel a tremendous responsibility to do everything I can to prevent my school from squashing my kids' wonder. What will you do this year to make sure your kids' wonder isn't squashed?

Please don't squash the wonder.

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