Monday, August 29, 2011

Do You (or your teachers) Talk Too Much?

I'm going to divulge something about myself here... When I was a kid, I had every Run D.M.C tape and I listened to these guys all the time. One of their songs that still stands out to me is "You Talk Too Much." (As I'm typing, the song is stuck in my head!) I recently was reminded of this song when I was speaking with one of my teachers after school recently.

This rising star has matured as a teacher significantly since last year due in part to the training she's received in the Harkness method. Last week after school she was sharing with me how much better her classes are going this year and she said to me, "I talked way too much last year." For someone who has been preaching "student-centered school," this was just about enough to make me do backflips down the hall. Think about what she said... That's a powerful statement. If you're striving for a student-centered school, keep this statement in mind. Once your teachers start saying things like this, you're on your way.

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