Thursday, May 5, 2011

Request for Excused Absence

I apologize for the hiatus but I've been swamped trying to balance being the Head of Upper School and working on my writing in my free time. The good news is we're just about to put the finishing touches on The Complete Idiot's Guide to European History, 2e (that's 2nd edition, in case you're wondering what 2e means). It looks like we'll be all set to roll out the 2nd edition in October of this year. A few sites have already added links for the updated edition (in case you want to check it out or pre-order a copy):
Barnes and Noble

While this is partly a shameless plug for the new book, it is also an explanation for why the posts dried up suddenly and without notice. I'd been working on this for a while, dating back to the fall; then I got the dreaded email (with attachments) from the editors saying, "We need this back by X date..." And, thus, my free time suddenly became my publisher's time. Thankfully things are all but wrapped up and on schedule.

I'm looking forward to waxing poetic about educational issues again very soon...

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