Monday, August 30, 2010

Skype in the Admissions Office: Opening Up A Whole New World

A few weeks ago we received an application for admission to our school from an outstanding candidate. This kid had everything we look for in a candidate. Just one small detail prevented us, however, from bringing her in right away to do the admissions interview and complete the admissions process: our school is in Houston and she was in South Africa!

We certainly did not want to invite a student to our school without an interview. Financially, it made no sense to have the candidate fly in from South Africa just for the interview. When we found ourselves in a conundrum, it was Skype to the rescue! We scheduled a time that worked in Houston and in South Africa and we did the admissions interview via Skype. We loved her. She loved us. Fast forward two weeks and she's happily enrolled in classes in Houston, Texas.

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