Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Outside-the-Box Library Promotion, sort of - A Must See!

I'm working on a post about libraries and library cards. While poking around for info to use in that post, I came across the following video. If you've been watching TV at all lately, you've probably seen the Old Spice Guy doing commercials. If not, click here. On Twitter, @wawoodworth wrote "ATTN LIBRARIAN TWEEPS: Need help getting @oldspice guy to say a few words regarding libraries. RT plz. Thanks." Well, Old Spice Guy delivered. See the video below.

CAVEAT: OK, librarians... if you don't find these is hilarious as I, remember that any publicity is good publicity!


A few days ago, the comedy club at BYU, Humor U, produced the video below. As it turns out, BYU has the largest collegiate comedy club in the country. The student featured in the video is Stephen Jones and he's the president of BYU's stand-up comedy club. Enjoy!

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