Saturday, July 17, 2010

Always on the Lookout for Items of Interest for My Teachers

Those who have worked for me in the past will attest to the fact that I love to pass along reading assignments. Sometimes the readings are in the form of books, sometimes articles, sometimes blurbs on websites. I always have my eye open for something of interest and/or value I can pass along to my teachers, either for their own use or for use in the classrooms. This doesn't take much time or effort on my part and it can be pretty valuable. Let me explain how this works using an example from this morning.

I have about a dozen different news apps on my iPhone that I browse every day. Some are tech-related (Engadget, for example), some science-related (Popular Science, for example), some history-related, and some are just news. I scan the headlines in search of nuggets of interest for my teachers. When I find something that can be used by teachers in multiple disciplines, I consider this a gold nugget, a four-leaf clover, if you will.

This morning I came across a fascinating article called Alexander the Great Killed by Toxic Bacteria? from Discovery News (via my Discovery News app). My first thought was, "My history teacher needs this." As I read, I discovered fascinating biology and literature/mythology included in the article, too. Using my iPhone, I immediately forwarded the article to my World History teacher, my Biology teacher and my English teacher with a brief note that read, "Could be an interesting interdisciplinary lesson. I also sent this to..."

These nuggets are out there if you look for them. I believe small things make a big difference in the classroom; it is our job as educational leaders to seek out and share such nuggets with our teachers to help them make a big difference in the lives of our students.

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