Sunday, February 12, 2012

Take Harvard Business Review With You Every Day

One of the tools I have found invaluable and inspiring during the time I've spent as an administrator is the Harvard Business Review. Though not written for educators, the high-quality articles about management, leadership, innovation and more, have been regular reading of mine for some time. I recently discovered a few new ways to enjoy and benefit from HBR - HBR apps for my iPhone.

The first app is a somewhat random app called HBR Stats. This cool little app provides "facts and figures offering a quick, sometimes quirky perspective on our world and the business that happens in it."

The second app is HBR Tips. This app "offers quick, practical management tips and ideas."

These nifty apps provide countless anecdotes and useful bits of information. I highly recommend them. Additionally, if you are in educational leadership, I recommend adding the Harvard Business Review to your weekly or monthly reading regimen. You might also want to browse the list of HBR book titles for additional reading.

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