Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Online Conference Announcement: Eye On School Success

Eye on Education has just announced an exciting online conference featuring speakers including Barbara Blackburn, Larry Ferlazzo, Pam Salazar, Nancy Sulla, Todd Whitaker and Sally Zepeda, some of whom I've written about here in the past. The conference, called Eye On School Success, will be held March 20 – March 21, 2012. The conference program is divided into three tracks: The Leadership Institute, Student Motivation, and Common Core Made Easy. Participants can personalize their Online Conference experience by attending any of the 11 sessions. Below please find details about the online conference. The complete schedule can be found here and the presenter list can be found here.

Eye on Education consistently provides top-notch educational resources, so I highly recommend this conference for educational leaders from schools of any size, any level, public or private. You can bet this conference will be time well spent.

Conference Name: Eye On School Success

Date: March 20 – 21, 2012

Live Times: 3:00 PM EST

On Demand Availability: Until June 30, 2012

Brief description: Eye On School Success offers ready-to-go, field-tested strategies, presented in engaging style by noted experts. During the conference you and your colleagues will gain solutions to common challenges and learn about best practices affecting a broad range of topics shared by educators across the spectrum of schools.

Registration: www.eyeoneducation/register


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