Sunday, February 6, 2011

Patience Is a Virtue... Especially When Hiring Teachers

If you've been paying any attention to local news, regardless of where you are, you've noticed thousands of teachers will be unemployed next year due to cuts in funding for public education. While I wish this were not the case, there may be a silver lining for those of us in a position to recruit and hire teachers. Many districts across the nation will be keeping tenured and veteran teachers and non-renewing teachers who simply lack the years of experience necessary to keep their jobs. Very soon the market, so to speak, will be flooded and the market will be a buyer's market. In other words, with thousands of teachers seeking employment, there will be myriad applicants from whom to choose. many of these applicants will be from public school districts and many will be from higher education. The trick will be to be to wade patiently through the piles of applications soon to flood principals' desks. There will be outstanding, experienced teachers and young, rising stars alike applying at your school soon.

In the next week or so, I'll present some ideas for ways to advertise for teaching positions that are slightly more creative than posting openings only on your school website.

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