Sunday, February 20, 2011

Advertising to Attract Teacher Applicants: Part 3 - craigslist

The idea of using craigslist to advertise for a teaching position may not surprise you. However, you might be surprised at the number of people who are surprised when I mention that I've posted job openings on craigslist. I recommend this approach for advertising to attract teacher applicants.

craigslist - This is an easy way to reach many, many people. Depending on your location, you actually may reach more people by advertising on craigslist than by posting in the local newspaper's online classified section. The first time I used craigslist to post a teaching position was about six years ago. At that time, craigslist hadn't exploded and only computer geeks and tech-savvy job hunters knew to check craigslist for postings. Believe, that has changed in recent years.

The biggest upside to using craigslist to advertise teaching positions is that you get maximum bang for your buck. Some ads on craigslist will be free and some will cost a whopping $25, depending where you live and which local craigslist you use. A great feature about craigslist is that you can set the ad to hide your email and have applicants respond via craigslist. This is very helpful if you don't want your inbox full of spam. Another plus is that craigslist won't constrain you with a word count and price per word like an online newspaper classified ad. You'll get great value from craigslist.

The downside to craigslist is essentially the same downside as a newspaper's online classified section: tons of junk. While I tend to think it's a good problem to have, others may not want to sort through a stack of cover letters, resumes and applications in search of a handful of great candidates.

Next time you need to fill a teaching vacancy, give craigslist a chance. The $25 you spend hardly will be a big gamble and you're almost guaranteed to get an inbox full of email from interested parties.

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