Monday, March 22, 2010

If There's a Cracker Barrel in Heaven...

We were supposed to have breakfast together this week. We spoke last Monday. You left me a voicemail on Tuesday. I got the news Wednesday night, then confirmation again Thursday. Today I hugged your wife, smiled at your girls, then said goodbye to you. Still struggling with that...

On behalf of the kids I sent your way, thanks for making a difference in their lives. Thanks for helping me work with them. Thanks for giving me counsel, advice, and wisdom about kids. I think I've done more good because of your help. The ripples you made in the pond went far and wide and rolled over more lives than you know.

Thanks for taking me under your wing. I know it was pretty crowded under each of your wings but you somehow found a little more room and a little more time for the new guy in town.

Thanks for showing me how to handle stress, how to let go, how to take a deep breath, how to find an identity outside my profession.

Thanks for showing me how to show the world how to be a proud husband and an even prouder father.

Your personal and professional counsel and your friendship have been priceless. I probably didn't let you know that enough but I'll let your family know.

I know we had planned to have breakfast this week - usual place, usual time - but I guess God had other plans. If there's a Cracker Barrel in Heaven, grab us a table, order your oatmeal and a couple of coffees, and I'll join you later. We'll have some catching up to do.

Bill Wakefield, I'll miss you, buddy.

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Shawn said...

The more I hear about Bill from you and others, the more I am saddened that I never got to know him.
May God bless his family with an unearthly understanding and peace.