Saturday, January 9, 2010

Educational Leadership Blogging to Resume in a Few Days

Somehow it has now been several weeks since I've posted new material here but I have been pouring my creative energies into other endeavors. Admittedly, my school takes most of my time and energy and I've been investing virtually all of myself in school the last few months. Away from school, I've been hard at work on a new piece of fiction I hope to have completed this year. Additionally, I've spent some time putting together an outline for an educational book I plan to start when my fiction is complete enough to hand off to an editor. The educational book, which has no working title as of yet, will draw wisdom and practical teaching methodology from the world of coaching, wisdom and methodology that can be put to use by classroom teachers. In other words, the book will describe those practices and philosophies teachers can learn from coaches. At any rate, I'll have fresh content once again on a regular basis soon for all six or seven of you out there who read my blog. Stay warm and check back in a few days...

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