Sunday, July 5, 2009

Professional Development in Philadelphia

ISM (Independent School Management) begins a week-long conference today in Philadelphia called Leading the Successful Upper School. I am fortunate to work for a school that believes strongly enough in professional development to send me to the conference. I arrived in Philadelphia on July 4, which couldn't have been more fitting for a history buff and former history teacher, and immediately set off on foot to explore the city. As I walked past Independence Hall and other incredible landmarks, I easily could imagine what it must have been like here 233+ years ago. The men who began this great experiment gathered together and drew strength and wisdom from one another in order to create something new and different and better. I can't help but think that when division heads from some of America's best independent schools come together this week in Philadelphia, we will draw from one another strength and wisdom with which we can return to our own schools and make them new and different and better. Throughout the week I'll post some new thoughts and ideas I pick up along the way at the conference.

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