Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Educational Leadership Food for Thought from Philadelphia

The ISM conference Leading the Successful Upper School has delivered in spades. I recommend this for any division head regardless of years of experience. The conference has brought together division heads from across the country with myriad backgrounds and educational experiences. The conversation among the heads has been thought provoking, challenging and highly beneficial. Additionally, the consultants from ISM have presented philosophical concepts, useful information and researched-based strategies covering a wide spectrum of topics thus far including hiring and firing, managing stress, leadership, focusing on mission statements and managing change.

Below are bullet points of information I've picked up throughout my four days here in Philadelphia. These mostly are a random collection of statements and thoughts that made me think. I am not saying I agree or disagree with anything below but rather I am listing (in no particular order) some interesting and provocative ideas presented this week.

  • The Development Office should focus on the development of relationships in which fundraising in as outcome

  • The job of a division head is to impact teachers and make teachers better so they, in turn, can impact students

  • Over time, all schools become adult-centered institutions because the adults in the building generally are there longer (in terms of longevity) than the students

  • As an educational leader, your best work should be done in a servant paradigm not in a power paradigm

  • It is important for faculty to engage in meaningful, adult conversation on a regular basis

  • Research on teacher mentoring says mentoring is a waste of time unless it is a component of a full induction process (which may take between six months and three years)

  • Professional development should be mandatory for teachers

  • Teachers who are not interested in professional development should have no place in your school

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